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  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist زچگی جنین کی دوائی ماہر
  • Aesthetic Gynecology جمالیاتی امراض نسواں
  • Aesthetic Gynecology For Vaginal Laxity اندام نہانی نرمی کے لئے جمالیاتی امراض
  • Antenatal Checkup قبل از پیدائش چیک اپ
  • Antenatal Exercises قبل از پیدائش کی مشقیں
  • Cesarean Section سیزرین سیکشن
  • Clinical Breast Examination (Cbe) کلینیکل چھاتی کا امتحان (CBE)
  • Congenital Abnormalities پیدائشی اسامانیتاوں
  • Contraception Advice مانع حمل مشورہ
  • Epidural Analgesia ایپیڈورل اینالجیسیا
  • Infertility Treatment بانجھ پن کا علاج
  • Iucd (Coil) Placement (کوئل) پلیسمنٹ
  • Laparoscopy لیپروسکوپی
  • Laproscopy And Hysteroscopy لیپروسکوپی اور ہیسٹروسکوپی
  • Normal Delivery / Svd عام ترسیل / ایس وی ڈی
  • Pap Smear پاپ سمیر
  • Pelvic Examination شرونیی امتحان
  • Pelvic Ultrasound شرونیی الٹراساؤنڈ
  • Tubal Ligation ٹیوبل لیگیشن
  • Tvs And Obstetrical Ultrasound ٹی وی اور پرسوتی الٹراساؤنڈ


  • MBBS
  • FCPS (Obstetrics & Gynecology)


  • Antenatal Exercises
  • Aesthetic Gynecology For Vaginal La...

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  • How do I book an online appointment with Gynecologist?

    KualityCare have a large range of top gynecologists including professors and assistant professors. You can book an online appointment with great ease. By selecting speciality and location from the filters bar, you can select a gynecologist for book an appointment.

  • Who are Gynecologists?

    A gynecologist specializes in caring for the reproductive health of a woman from the time she gets her first period all the way to post-menopause. Any conditions that affect the reproductive system, such as those with the cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or vagina, are diagnosed and treated by a gynecologist.

  • When should I consult a Gynecologist?

    You need to consult Gynecologist if you have questions or concerns regarding the female reproductive system, including breasts, uterus, ovaries and vulva. It also can include some urological or gastrointestinal symptoms. You have menstrual, pregnancy, fertility or contraceptionquestions or issues.

  • Do you have Gynecologists that costs less than 1000 PKR?

    Yes, we have Gynecologists that costs affordable under 1000 PKR

  • Are the Gynecologists PMC verified?

    Yes all Gynecologists available at KualityCare are PMC verified.

  • What type of education and training do Gynecologists have?

    In order to become a gynaecologist in Pakistan, one has to complete 5 years of medical school, followed by a year of house job. After this, they have to give exams related to their specialty to get registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan while having to complete their training program.

  • Do you charge additional for booking online appointment with Gynecologists?

    There are no additional fees for booking an appointment or consulting online with KualityCare. You only have to pay the Gynecologists fees.

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Appointment Summary

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Prof. Dr.Fouzia Nawaz PMC Verified

MBBS , FCPS (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Doctor Fee (Pay at the hospital)

PKR 1500

Wed 17/05/2023

05:30 PM

Life Care Hospital Gujranwala
Shahrah-e-Quiad-e-Azam Street No 8 Rahwali Cantonments Allama Iqbal Town